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Vaughan Williams - Hugh The Drover (1994) CD 35 tracks, 101:38
Genre Opera
Label Hyperion
Cat. Number 66901
Conductor Matthew Best
Orchestra Corydon Orchestra
Index 3521
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
Hugh The Drover 52:03
01 Buy, Buy, Buy! Who'Ll Buy? Play 02:24
02 Who'Ll Buy My Sweet Primroses? Play 01:52
03 Cold Blows The Wind On Cotsall Play 01:49
04 Ballads! Buy My Ballads, Pretty Ballads! Play 01:57
05 As I Was A-Walking One Morning In Spring Play 01:38
06 Bless Me! What'S This? Play 02:07
07 Show Me A Richer Man In All This Town Play 02:18
08 See, See, Here They Come! Play 01:24
09 They'Re Gone!...My Husband That'S To Be! Play 00:54
10 Sweetheart, Life Must Be Full Of Care Play 02:06
11 Alone I Would Be As The Wind And As Free Play 01:16
12 Hey Day! She Will Obey Play 00:29
13 Sweet Little Linnet That Longs To Be Free Play 02:49
14 Horse Hoofs, Horse Hoofs, Thunder Down The Valleys Play 03:42
15 Mary, Mary Come Back, Come Back, Come Back I Say! Play 02:23
16 In The Night-Time I Have Seen You Riding, Riding Play 04:00
17 Mary! Mary! Play 00:41
18 Who'Ll Fight? Who'Ll Fight? A Fight! Who'S For A Fight? Play 01:43
19 Brave English Lads, Lovers Of Manly Sport Play 02:20
20 Down, Down With John The Butcher! Play 02:45
21 Alone And Friendless, On This Foreign Ground I Am To Die Play 04:05
22 Are You Ready? Go! Play 03:08
23 Hugh The Drover! Play 02:24
24 Oh, The Devil And Bonyparty Play 01:49
Hugh The Drover 49:35
01 Past Four O'Clock, And Dawn Is Coming Play 04:06
02 Gaily Go To Die Play 04:12
03 Hugh! My Dear One! Play 04:12
04 Rise Up, My Mary; Come Away Play 04:24
05 Dear Sun, I Crave A Boon Play 02:36
06 O I'Ve Been Rambling All This Night Play 03:48
07 Here, Queen Uncrowned, In This Most Royal Place Play 07:54
08 The Soldiers! Play 02:37
09 Dropped From The Ranks On A Winter Night Play 03:51
10 Now You Are Mine! Play 06:17
11 Halloo! Halloo, Mary And Hugh Play 05:38
Soprano Rebecca Evans
Tenor Bonaventura Bottone
Mezzo-Soprano Sarah Walker
Bass Richard van Allan
Baritone Alan Opie
Tenor Neil Jenkins
Personal Details
Purchase Date 2/25/2005
Rating 0
Location basement
Packaging Jewel Case
UPC (Barcode) 034571169019
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo