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George Frederic Handel - Alexander's Feast (2008) CD 28 tracks, 79:29
Genre Oratorio
Label Naxos
Cat. Number 572224
Conductor Joachim Carlos Martini
Orchestra Frankfurt Baroque Orchestra
Index 5740
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
01 Part 1: Overture Play 05:29
02 Recitative: 'Twas at the royal feast (Tenor) Play 00:55
03 Air: Happy, happy, happy pair (Tenor, Chorus) Play 04:15
04 Recitative: Timotheus, plac'd on high (Tenor) Play 01:39
05 Accompagnato: The song began from Jove (Soprano) Play 00:52
06 The list'ning Crowd (Chorus) Play 02:26
07 Air: With ravish'd ears (Soprano) Play 02:57
08 Recitative: The praise of Bacchus (Tenor) Play 00:36
09 Air and Chorus: Bacchus, ever fair and young (Bass and Chorus) Play 04:39
10 Recitative: Sooth'd with the sound (Tenor) Play 00:37
11 Accompagnato: He chose a mournful muse (Soprano) Play 00:59
12 Air: He sung Darius great and good (Soprano) Play 02:17
13 Accompagnato: With downcast looks (Soprano) Play 00:50
14 Behold Darius great and good (Chorus) Play 02:14
15 Recitative: The mighty master smil'd to see (Tenor) Play 00:30
16 Air: Softly sweet (Soprano) Play 02:24
17 Air: War, he sung, is toil and trouble (Soprano) Play 04:33
18 The many rend the skies (Chorus) Play 03:59
19 Air: The Prince, unable to conceal his pain (Soprano) Play 05:27
20 Part 1: The many rend the skies (Chorus) Play 04:06
21 Accompagnato and Chorus: Now strike the golden lyre (Tenor and Chorus) Play 02:26
22 Air: Revenge, revenge, Timotheus cries (Bass) Play 07:39
23 Accompagnato: Give the vengeance due (Tenor) Play 01:28
24 Air: The princes applaud with a furious joy (Tenor) Play 02:01
25 Air and Chorus: Thais led the way (Soprano and Chorus) Play 04:58
26 Accompagnato and Chorus: Thus, long ago (Tenor) Play 05:02
27 Recitative: Let old Timotheus yield the prize (Tenor and Bass) Play 00:22
28 Let old Timotheus yield the prize (Chorus) Play 03:49
Soprano Gerlinde Sämann
Tenor Knut Schoch
Bass Klaus Mertens
Personal Details
Purchase Date 2/28/2010
Rating 0
Location basement
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Packaging Jewel Case
UPC (Barcode) 747313222476
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo