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Edward German - Tom Jones (2008) CD 33 tracks, 109:53
Genre Opera
Label Naxos
Cat. Number 660270
Conductor David Hulme
Orchestra National Festival Orchestra
Index 5570
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
Tom Jones 75:38
01 Act I, "The lawn at Squire Western's": Introduction Play 03:16
02 Act I: Don't you find the weather charming? (Chorus) Play 04:31
03 Song: On a Januairy morning (Squire Western, Chorus) Play 02:49
04 Song: West Country lad (Tom, Chorus) Play 03:00
05 Song: To - day my spinet (Sophia) Play 03:45
06 Interlude: I gave your message, Miss (Sophia, Honour, Tom) Play 01:15
07 Trio: Wisdom says, Festina lente (Sophia, Honour, Tom) Play 03:21
08 Sextet: The Barley Mow (Honour, Gregory, Peggy, Betty, Grizzle, Dobbin) Play 03:56
09 Madrigal Quartet: Here's a paradox for lovers (Sophia, Honour, Tom, Allworthy) Play 03:16
10 Finale: For aye, my love (Sophia, Tom, Squire Western, Blifil, Allworthy, Chorus) Play 09:41
11 Act II, "The Inn at Upton": Hurry! Bustle! (Hostess, Officer, Chorus) Play 03:51
12 Song: A Person of Parts (Partridge, Chorus) Play 03:30
13 Song: Dream o' Day Jill (Sophia) Play 02:55
14 Song: Gurt - Uncle Jan Tappit (Gregory, Chorus) Play 02:35
15 Jig: With a fal la la (Chorus) Play 01:31
16 My lady's coach (Hostess, Chorus) Play 01:06
17 Song: As all the maids (Honour) Play 03:23
18 Laughing Trio: You have a pretty wit (Honour, Partridge, Gregory) Play 02:27
19 Song: A Soldier's Scarlet Coat (Tom, Chorus) (lyrics: Harry Beswick) Play 02:24
20 Song: Love maketh the heart a garden fair (Sophia, Chorus) Play 03:15
21 Finale: Where be my daughter? (Lady Bellaston, Tom, Squire Western, Partridge, Officer, Hostess, Chorus) Play 09:51
Tom Jones (disc 2) 34:15
01 Act III, "Ranelagh Gardens": Morris Dance Play 01:56
02 Gavotte: Glass of fashion (Chorus) Play 02:20
03 Song: The Green Ribbon (Honour, Chorus of Men) Play 04:46
04 Song: If love's content (Tom) Play 03:30
05 Barcarolle: Beguile, beguile, with music sweet (Chorus, Chapman, Wise, Stein) Play 03:21
06 Recitative: Which is my own true self? (Sophia) - Waltz Song: For to - night (Sophia) Play 03:26
07 Trio: Says a well - worn saw (Honour, Partridge, Gregory) Play 02:07
08 Melos Play 00:57
09 Finale: Hark, the merry marriage bells! (Sophia, Honour, Tom, Chorus) Play 01:47
10 Additional Song: A Foundling Boy (Tom) Play 03:18
11 Additional Song: By night and day (Sophia) Play 03:44
12 Additional Trio: Come away with me my deary (Sophia, Honour, Tom) Play 03:03
Soprano Marianne Stakov
Baritone Richard Morrison
Mezzo-Soprano Heather Shipp
Bass Donald Maxwell
Personal Details
Purchase Date 9/22/2009
Rating 0
Location upstairs
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Packaging Jewel Case
UPC (Barcode) 730099027076
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo