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George Frederic Handel - Israel in Egypt (2008) CD 49 tracks, 118:53
Genre Oratorio
Label Naxos
Cat. Number 570966
Conductor Kevin Mallon
Orchestra Aradia Ensemble
Index 5362
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
Handel - Israel in Egypt Cd 1 70:20
01 Part I: Symphony Play 02:18
02 The Sons of Israel Do Mourn Play 04:02
03 How Is the Mighty Fall'n (I) Play 01:46
04 He Put on Righteousness Play 01:59
05 When the Ear Heard Him Play 03:33
06 How Is the Mighty Fall'n (II) Play 00:44
07 He Deliver'd the Poor That Cried Play 05:31
08 How Is the Mighty Fall'n (III) Play 00:49
09 The Righteous Shall Be Had in Everlasting Remembrance Play 03:47
10 Their Bodies Are Buried in Peace Play 04:21
11 The People Will Tell of Their Wisdom Play 01:54
12 They Shall Recieve a Glorious Kingdom Play 04:12
13 The Merciful Goodness of the Lord Endureth Forever Play 05:26
14 Now There Arose a New King Over Egypt Play 00:22
15 And the Children of Israel Sighed Play 03:10
16 Then Sent He Moses, His Servant Play 00:25
17 They Loathed To Drink of the River Play 01:51
18 Their Land Brought Forth Frogs Play 02:18
19 He Spake the Word Play 02:08
20 He Gave Them Hailstones for Rain Play 02:14
21 He Sent a Thick Darkness Over All the Land Play 02:40
22 He Smoke All the First-Born of Egypt Play 02:23
23 But As for the People, He Led Them Forth Like Sheep Play 04:15
24 Egypt Was Glad When They Departed Play 02:10
25 He Rebuked the Red Sea, And It Was Dried Up Play 00:29
26 He Led Them Through the Deep Play 01:15
27 But the Waters Overwhelmed Their Enemies Play 01:05
28 And Israel Saw That Great Work Play 00:42
29 And Believed the Lord And His Servant Moses Play 02:31
Handel - Israel in Egypt Part III 48:33
01 Moses And the Children of Israel Sung This Song Play 00:52
02 I Will Sing Unto the Lord Play 02:30
03 The Lord Is My Strength And My Song Play 03:56
04 He Is My God Play 00:41
05 And I Will Exalt Him Play 02:16
06 The Lord Is a Man of War Play 06:05
07 The Depths Have Covered Them Play 01:35
08 The Right Hand, O Lord, Is Become Glorious Play 01:30
09 And in the Greatness of Thine Excellency Play 00:25
10 Thou Sentest Forth Thy Wrath Play 01:41
11 And with the Blast of Thy Nostrils Play 03:00
12 The Enemy Said, I Will Pursue Play 02:24
13 Thou Didst Blow with the Wind Play 02:22
14 Who Is Like Unto Thee, O Lord Play 00:53
15 The Earth Swallowed Them Play 01:05
16 Thou in Thy Mercy Hast Led Forth Thy People Play 04:04
17 The People Shall Hear, And Be Afraid Play 04:32
18 Thou Shalt Bring Them in Play 03:18
19 The Lord Shall Reign for Ever And Ever Play 01:36
20 Sing Ye To the Lord Play 03:48
Soprano Lauro Albino
Tenor Nils Brown
Mezzo-Soprano Jennifer Modolo
Counter Tenor Peter Mahon
Soprano Eve McLeod
Baritone Jason Nedecky
Personal Details
Purchase Date 3/22/2009
Rating 0
Location basement
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Packaging Jewel Case
UPC (Barcode) 747313096671
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo