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George Frederic Handel - Semele (2007) CD 77 tracks, 180:39
Genre Opera
Label Naxos
Cat. Number 570431
Conductor Joachim Carlos Martini
Orchestra Frankfurt Baroque Orchestra
Index 5304
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
Semele (disc 1) 60:01
01 Act I: Overture Play 05:08
02 Act I: Gavotte Play 02:23
03 Act I: Accompagnato: Behold! Auspicious flashes rise (Chief Priest) Play 01:26
04 Act I: Lucky omens bless our rites (Chorus of Priests and Augurs) Play 03:37
05 Act I: Recitative and Arioso: Daughter, obey, Hear and obey! (Cadmus, Athamas) Play 01:03
06 Act I: Accompagnato and Aria: Ah me! What refuge now is left me? (Semele) Play 02:53
07 Act I: Aria: The morning lark to mine accords his note (Semele) Play 06:27
08 Act I: Aria: See, she blushing turns her eyes (Ino) Play 03:55
09 Act I: Recitative: Alas! She yields, and has undone me! (Ino, Athamas, Semele) Play 00:58
10 Act I: Quartet: Why dost thou thus untimely grieve (Cadmus, Ino, Athamas, Semele) Play 02:17
11 Act I: Avert these omens, all ye pow'rs! (Chorus of Priests and Augurs) Play 02:15
12 Act I: Accompagnato: Again auspicious flashes rise (Cadmus) Play 00:47
13 Act I: Recitative: Thy aid, pronubial Juno, Athamas implores! (Athamas, Semele) Play 00:18
14 Act I: Cease, cease your vows, 'tis impious to proceed (Chorus of Priests and Augurs) Play 00:39
15 Act I: Recitative: O Athamas, what torture hast thou borne! (Athamas) Play 00:30
16 Act I: Aria: Turn, hopeless lover, turn thy eye (Ino) Play 08:41
17 Act I: Recitative: She weeps! (Athamas) Play 00:27
18 Act I: Aria: Your tuneful voice my tale would tell (Athamas) Play 03:52
19 Act I: Recitative: Too well I see, Thou wilt not understand me (Ino, Athamas) Play 00:56
20 Act I: Duet: You've undone me (Ino, Athamas) Play 02:21
21 Act I: Recitative and Accompagnato: Ah, wretched prince, doom'd to disastrous love! (Cadmus, Athamas, Ino) Play 02:31
22 Act I: Hail, Cadmus, hail! Jove salutes the Theban King (Chorus of Priests and Augurs) Play 01:57
23 Act I: Aria: Endless pleasure, endless love (Semele) Play 02:54
24 Act I: Endless pleasure, endless love (Chorus of Love and Zephyrs) Play 01:46
Semele (disc 2) 51:26
01 Act II: Symphony Play 01:46
02 Act II: Recitative: Iris, impatient of thy stay (Juno, Iris) Play 01:04
03 Act II: Aria: There, from mortal cares retiring (Iris) Play 02:59
04 Act II: Recitative and Accompagnato: No more, I'll hear no more! (Juno, Iris) Play 02:25
05 Act II: Aria: Hence, Iris, hence away! (Juno) Play 03:52
06 Act II: Aria: Come, Zephyrs, come (Cupid) Play 06:02
07 Act II: Aria: O sleep, why dost thou leave me? (Semele) Play 02:47
08 Act II: Recitative: Let me not another moment bear the pangs of absence (Semele) Play 00:22
09 Act II: Aria: Lay your doubts and fears aside (Jupiter) Play 03:06
10 Act II: Recitative: You are mortal and require time to rest (Jupiter) Play 00:33
11 Act II: Aria: With fond desiring (Semele) Play 03:33
12 Act II: How engaging, how endearing (Chorus of Loves and Zephyrs) Play 02:45
13 Act II: Recitative: Ah me! (Semele, Jupiter) Play 01:35
14 Act II: Aria: I must with speed amuse her (Jupiter) Play 04:03
15 Act II: Now Love, that everlasting boy (Chorus of Loves and Zephyrs) Play 02:32
16 Act II: Recitative: By my command now (Jupiter, Semele) Play 01:32
17 Act II: Aria: Where'er you walk (Jupiter) Play 03:28
18 Act II: Recitative: Dear sister, how was your passage hither? (Semele, Ino) Play 00:47
19 Act II: Aria: But hark! (Ino) Play 01:30
20 Act II: Accompagnato and Arioso: Prepare then, ye immortal choir (Ino, Semele) Play 02:06
21 Act II: Bless the glad earth with heav'nly lays (Chorus of Nymphs and Swains) Play 02:39
Semele (disc 3) 69:12
01 Act III: Symphony Play 01:51
02 Act III: Accompagnato: Somnus, awake! (Juno, Iris) Play 00:31
03 Act III: Aria: Leave me, loathsome light! (Somnus) Play 03:07
04 Act III: Recitative: Dull God, canst thou attend the water's fall (Iris, Juno) Play 00:34
05 Act III: Aria: More sweet is that name (Somnus) Play 02:19
06 Act III: Recitative: My will obey (Juno, Somnus) Play 01:25
07 Act III: Duet: Obey my will (Juno, Somnus) Play 01:58
08 Act III: Aria: My racking thoughts by no kind slumbers freed (Semele) Play 03:14
09 Act III: Recitative: Thus shap'd like Ino (Juno, Semele) Play 01:08
10 Act III: Accompagnato: Behold in this mirror (Juno) Play 02:55
11 Act III: Recitative: O ecstasy of happiness! (Semele) Play 00:12
12 Act III: Aria: Myself I shall adore (Semele) Play 06:46
13 Act III: Recitative: Be wise, as you are beautiful (Juno, Semele) Play 00:30
14 Act III: Accompagnato: Conjure him by his oath (Juno) Play 01:27
15 Act III: Aria: Thus let my thanks be pay'd (Semele) Play 02:18
16 Act III: Recitative: Rich odours fill the fragrant air (Juno, Semele) Play 00:36
17 Act III: Aria: Come to my arms, my lovely fair (Jupiter) Play 03:02
18 Act III: Recitative: O Semele! Why art thou thus insensible? (Jupiter, Semele) Play 01:39
19 Act III: Recitative: Speak, speak your desire (Jupiter, Semele) Play 01:19
20 Act III: Aria: Ah! Take heed what you press! (Jupiter) Play 01:16
21 Act III: Aria: No, no, I'll take no less (Semele) Play 05:27
22 Act III: Recitative: Ah, whither is she gone! (Jupiter) Play 02:57
23 Act III: Aria: Above measure is the pleasure (Juno) Play 02:40
24 Act III: Recitative: Ah me! Too late I now repent (Semele) Play 03:01
25 Act III: Recitative: Of my ill - boding dream (Ino) Play 00:17
26 Act III: Chorus: Oh, terror and astonishment! (Chorus of Priests) Play 03:05
27 Act III: Recitative: How I was hence remov'd (Ino, Cadmus, Athamas) Play 00:52
28 Act III: Aria: Despair no more shall wound me (Athamas) Play 05:25
29 Act III: Recitative: See from above the bellying clouds descend (Cadmus) Play 00:19
30 Act III: Symphony Play 02:10
31 Act III: Recitative: Apollo comes, to relieve your care (Apollo) Play 01:05
32 Act III: Happy, happy shall we be (Chorus) Play 03:47
Soprano Elizabeth Scholl
Soprano Julla Schmidt
Counter Tenor Ralf Popken
Alto Britta Schwartz
Alto Annette Makert
Tenor Knut Schoch
Bass Klaus Mertens
Personal Details
Purchase Date 3/15/2009
Rating 0
Location basement
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Packaging Jewel Case
UPC (Barcode) 747313043170
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo