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Granville Bantock - The Song of Songs, Overture to a Greek Tragedy, etc. (2003) CD 24 tracks, 77:43
Genre Orchestral
Label Hyperion
Cat. Number 67395
Conductor Vernon Handley
Orchestra Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Index 4386
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
Overture to a Greek Tragedy 17:58
01 Part 1 Play 04:00
02 Part 2 Play 02:20
03 Part 3 Play 05:31
04 Part 4 Play 06:07
05 The Wilderness and the Solitary Place Play 06:24
06 Pierrot of the Minute Play 12:18
Song of Songs 41:03
07 (Second Day): 'The voice of my beloved!' Play 02:25
08 (Second Day): 'My beloved spake' Play 01:56
09 (Second Day): 'Arise, my love' Play 02:54
10 (Second Day): 'Take us the foxes' Play 03:15
11 (Second Day): She flings herself upon a divan in an ecstasy of passionate rapture Play 02:30
12 (Second Day): 'By night in my dream I sought him' Play 03:11
13 (Second Day): 'But I found him whom my soul loveth' Play 03:25
14 (Third Day): The King's gifts Play 01:05
15 (Third Day): The Shulmanite Play 02:17
16 (Third Day): The Shulmanite is left alone Play 01:00
17 (Third Day): The Shulmanite reflects upon her absent shepherd-lover... Play 01:09
18 (Third Day): ...and sees him in a vision on the mountainside Play 01:34
19 (Fifth Day): 'Who is this that cometh up from the wilderness?' Play 02:00
20 (Fifth Day): 'Set me as a seal upon thy heart' Play 01:43
21 (Fifth Day): 'Many waters cannot quench love' Play 01:03
22 (Fifth Day): 'For love is strong as death' Play 02:32
23 (Fifth Day): 'We have a little sister' Play 03:56
24 (Fifth Day): 'Make haste, my beloved' Play 03:08
Soprano Elizabeth Connell
Tenor Kim Begley
Personal Details
Purchase Date 2/3/2007
Rating 0
Location upstairs
Packaging Jewel Case
UPC (Barcode) 034571173955
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo