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Arthur Sullivan - The Mikado (1973) CD 37 tracks, 89:12
Genre Opera
Label Decca
Cat. Number 473 644
Conductor Royson Nash
Orchestra Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Index 4076
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
The Mikado (disc 1) 53:09
01 Overture Play 07:38
02 Act 1:If you want to know who we are. Play 02:27
03 Gentlemen, I pray you tell me where a gentle maden dwelleth. Play 00:41
04 A wand'ring minstrel I. Play 04:30
05 Our great Mikado, virtuous man. Play 03:08
06 Young man, despair, Likewise go Yum Yum the fair. Play 02:46
07 And I have journey'd for a month. Play 00:51
08 Behold the Lord High Executioner! Play 02:34
09 As someday it may happen that a victim must be found. Play 02:19
10 Comes a train of little ladies. Play 02:14
11 Three little maids from school are we. Play 01:25
12 So please you, Sir, we much regret. Play 01:59
13 Were you not to Ko Ko plighted I would stay in tender tone. Play 02:30
14 I am so proud, If I allowed my family pride to be my guide. Play 03:14
15 With aspect stern and gloomy stride. Play 02:23
16 The threatn'd cloud has pass'd away. Play 03:04
17 Your revels cease! Assist me, all of you! Play 00:52
18 Oh fool, that fleeest My hallow'd joys! Play 02:33
19 For he's going to marry Yum Yum. Play 01:01
20 The hour of gladness is dead and gone. Play 02:22
21 Ye torrents roar! Ye tempests howl! Play 02:38
The Mikado (disc 2) 36:03
01 Braid the raven hair. Weave teh suppple tresses Play 03:37
02 The sun whose rays are all ablaze Play 03:04
03 Brightly dawns our wedding day Play 03:42
04 Here's a how-de-do Play 01:22
05 Miya Sama, miya sama, o n'mma no maye ni Play 01:14
06 From ev'ry kind of man Obedience I expect Play 01:46
07 A more humane Mikado never did in Japan exist Play 04:31
08 The criminal cried as he dropped him down Play 03:31
09 See how the fates their gifts allot Play 02:10
10 The flowers that bloom in the spring, tra la Play 01:36
11 Alone and yet alive Play 00:44
12 Hearts do not break! The sting and ache Play 01:52
13 On a tree by a river a little tom tit Play 02:22
14 There is beauty in the bellow of the blast Play 02:13
15 Fanfare Play 00:11
16 For he's gone and married Yum-Yum Play 02:08
Personal Details
Purchase Date 4/5/2006
Rating 0
Location basement
Packaging Jewel Case
UPC (Barcode) 028947364429
Spars DDD
Sound Stereo